There are many original parts still manufactured in the USA or Canada. We have all of these parts in stock. All of our new parts are OEM, meaning they are original and meet the specifications of the original manufacturers. There are some parts, however, that are discontinued and no longer available. For these parts, we use our salvage operation. We know Postal Jeeps inside and out. Over the years, we have salvaged hundreds of them. We still have hundreds waiting to be stripped for discontinued or obsolete parts. We take them apart by hand, piece by piece. We take the best of these parts and recycle them, test them, and then stock them into inventory. Many of the parts are completely rebuilt. One of our owners will personally inspect every part before shipping them to you. If your part is not new we will always advise you in advance. Most of our recycled parts have a one year warranty. Few new parts manufacturers offer anything close to that.

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