Postal routes are measured by the number of boxes on the route. This translates into the number of stops per day; most often in the hundreds. Postal routes are murder on brakes. We stock only OEM new brake drums, shoes, hoses, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, and hardware. Our prices on drums are far below the market and they are the same drums that were demanded and used by the Post Office Vehicle Maintenance Facilities. We are the only parts company in the country with reconditioned rims for every model of Postal Jeep.

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Brake Parts

Master Cylinder


Drums - DJ-5A, DJ-5B, DJ-5C

Drums - DJ-5D, DJ-5F, DJ-5G

Front Drum - DJ-5L, DJ-5M

Wheel Cylinder Set

Front Hydraulic Hose (2)

Rear Hydraulic Hose (1)

Front Hydraulic Hose (2) - DJ-5C Only

Brake Kits

Brake Spring Kit

Self-Adjuster Kit

Parking Brake Kit